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2017 Guangzhou International Lighting Festival
Release Date: [2019-6-20 17:21:09]    Total read [359] Times

3D捕鱼         The 2017 Guangzhou International Lighting Festival - Silk Road Legend will be grandly opened on the evening of October 27.

         The festival was hosted by the Guangzhou Municipal People's Government and undertaken by Guangzhou Ruifeng Audio Technology Co., Ltd. This year's lighting festival will set up Huacheng Square, five bridges in front of the Pearl River Channel and 14 galleries in Zhujiang New Town. The lighting exhibition of Huacheng Square will be held from October 27th to November 19th, 2017; the five lanterns painting exhibition period of Zhujiang will be from October 27th, 2017 to May 4th, 2017; the 14th corridor of Zhujiang New Town will be extended to 2017. September 15th - May 4th, 2018.